Monday, February 13, 2012

This cycle hasn't been the easiest.

I started bleeding heavily on day 2 or 3 of the injections and that made me feel yucky and anxious. Luckily the doctor says my uterus looks good and told me not to worry, but up until that moment, I'd been pretty worried. Especially with the cost of the medication ($2300+) I can't really afford to do this again so giving up mid-cycle would be financially difficult. A couple of people have suggested that I do a KickStarter campaign to raise funds but I find the whole idea distasteful. I have insurance, it is covering the vast majority of the cost of the IVF cycles ($10,000+ per cycle) and I have a steady job that pays well, the only major financial burden has been the medication and I have the means to repay it in a number of ways. So I'm happy to shoulder this burden alone without asking for handouts.

Overall, I've just been feeling really fatigued. My gumption level is low. With the injections being pushed back by 4+ days, looks like the egg retrieval will be this weekend, which works well with my new job and may push the embryo transfer to the following weekend, which would also work with my job, as I might be able to do the bed rest without taking any time off. I wasn't planning on doing all 3 days of bed rest this time - my job is sedentary enough that I shouldn't be in any danger. Taking another 3 days off work - especially with the new job - isn't really an option this time, and there is no medical necessity for it, really. So... yeah.

Tonight we go to see Thee Silver Mt. Zion, tomorrow is a free of any medical stuff and then I go back for another ultrasound and blood draw on Wednesday.

And we march forward towards whatever awaits us...