Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Egg retrieval was Sunday. It was brutal. The pain when I woke up was overwhelming and we rolled right into another bout of OHSS. I slept all day on Sunday and through the night on Sunday. I ended up staying home on Monday because I was in so much pain that Chris forbid me from going to work. As long as I stay still, it is fine - but the more movement I attempt, the more it hurts. I'm at work today and I'm uncomfortable and bloated (I look like I'm already really really pregnant) but otherwise I'm managing ok.

The good news is that we got 24 eggs. 17 were mature and 2 were borderline. I got a call from the doctor yesterday and he said that we had 16 that did very well during fertilization. I should hear from them again today with an update on cell division.

Other than feeling like hammered shit, I'm really happy and positive.