Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our embryo transfer was Sunday.

Chris and I went to West Lake around noon and I got busy drinking lots of water. The good news was that we had a bunch of lovely, good quality blastocycsts that were ready for transfer. We conferred at length with the doctor and decided to go with 4. It was a difficult decision - a scary one. When I finally got on the table, my bladder wasn't full enough so there was some waiting around while I drank more and more water. We finally got started - getting good placement of the speculum, threading the guide catheter into my uterus, and then eventually we did the transfer. Chris was there with me and I cried. Everyone who works in that office is so nice and works so hard - as evidenced by the fact that they were there on a Sunday doing 4 embryo transfers. We saw some of the same couples that had their egg retrievals on Tuesday before/after mine. Afterward Chris and I hung out for a while and said a few words to our respective HPs.

We went and ate lunch from East Side Kings on the porch of the Grackle. It was totally nice to be outside in the afternoon with Chris, sitting in the sun and eating lunch. He is normally asleep at that time so it made it feel like a special celebration.

Now I'm on three days of bed rest. Will be returning to work on Thursday.

Now we wait.

Heard back from the doctor. We had two blastocysts that were able to be frozen, which gives us another shot in the future if this cycle doesn't work or we decided to try for another baby in a year or so.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Heard from the doctor, we are on track for a day 5 transfer on Sunday. This is good news.
Today is Day 3. My 12 little embryos are quietly growing in the lab and I'm holding my breath that they make it to the 5 day mark. I'm afraid of getting a call today telling me to come in for a 3 day transfer. There is a lot of data on the value of a 5 day transfer vs. a 3 day transfer, and I'm hoping for a 5 day Blastocyst transfer this time. Meanwhile, we wait.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Of my 24 eggs - 12 were successfully fertilized. If all goes well - and they grow into blastocyst phase - the transfer will happen on Sunday. If not, we'll do a 3 day transfer on Friday. So far things are looking positive.
The egg retrieval was yesterday. Total yield: 30 eggs. 6 were immature leaving a total of 24 useable eggs! Two dozen. Go me!! The procedure went smoothly and the aftermath has been much easier than last time. I am bloated as hell but the pain has been minimal (so far). I'm back at work today and am trying to dig out from under a huge pile of email.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fifth ultrasound today and my estrogen level is really high (in the 4000s). Feeling fatigued and cranky.

Egg retrieval scheduled for Tuesday morning.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Third ultrasound yesterday. 14 follicles on one side, 18 on the other. The receptionist at the fertility doctor's office called me the Queen of Follicles or the Princess of Eggs or something equally as awesome.

I'm generally feeling bloated and a bit uncomfortable.

Another ultrasound tomorrow morning and we'll probably schedule the egg retrieval for Monday.

TMI warning...

I'm producing vast amounts of lovely fertile cervical mucous. One word: spinnbarkeit.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After my injection last night I started feeling really tired and developed a massive headache. The fatigue and headache have followed me into today. I feel relatively lousy. Could be related to the injections or could be allergies or some other unrelated malady.

Went in for my second ultrasound and blood draw today. I have 27 follicles. I am an EGG MAKING MACHINE!!

Third ultrasound scheduled for Thursday, forth for Saturday.

Moving right along.