Friday, July 29, 2011

So yesterday I headed out to West Lake in the early morning and the doctor confirmed that I was suffering from OHSS. He classified it as a moderate case but confirmed that yes, I was probably feeling really really shitty. An ultrasound showed very enlarged ovaries and pockets of fluid in my abdomen. Not fun. We talked at length about the fact that the symptoms would continue to get better, but if I was to get pregnant I could expect that the symptoms might return and might be way worse. He said that with severe OHSS he would recommend freezing all the embryos and doing the transfer after the OHSS was resolved but there is the matter of weighing that with the success rates of frozen embryos vs. fresh embryos. We decided that we would wait and allow my body to continue to recover before the embryo transfer on Saturday.

I drove to work and almost immediately got a call from the doctor. Ok, to back up a little - we had 9 eggs harvested on Monday and 6 were fertilized (using assisted fertilization where they injected a sperm into each egg) and they had been dividing happily in the lab - and he was hoping we could wait until Saturday, when they had reached blastocyst stage, before we did the transfer. But... he & the embryologist had become worried about the progress of the embryos. Some had stopped growing and the others were not growing at a rate that made them feel confident that they would survive until Saturday so he recommended that we do the transfer as soon as possible.

I wrapped up my work stuff and drove back out to West Lake. Of the 6 embryos - 2 had stopped growing at 5 cells and the others ranged in size from 6-9 cells. He recommended that we transfer the 4 that were larger than 5 cells, so we did that...

The transfer itself was pretty hard. I had to drink a huge amount of water so that I would have a full bladder during the procedure but, of course, things took longer than expected so I was sitting around with a huge full bladder. Eventually we moved into a surgery room and did an external ultrasound - causing lots and lots of pressure on my bladder. Then there was a lot of trouble getting my uterus lined up properly with the speculum - problems caused by the full bladder and the enlarged ovaries. Eventually we got the speculum right and a catheter inserted into my cervix and the transfer of the embryos was a quick process. I had to lay still for 10 minutes before I was allowed to get up and pee. PHEW! A pee has never felt so good! I stayed for another 30 minutes or so and then headed home. I'm on bed rest through the weekend.

The doctors and nurses seemed surprised that Chris was not with me for the transfer. If it had been Saturday, he would have been there - but with a surprise mid-week/mid-afternoon transfer it wasn't really feasible and really - why did he need to be there?

So now we wait...