Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OK, I feel really horrible.

I haven't felt well since the procedure on Monday and I'm not sure if it is normal or mild/moderate OHSS. I've had a lot of bloating and pain in my abdomen. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor - he wanted to see me today but I can't go today so I'm going first thing in the AM. I am very uncomfortable and in a fair amount of pain all the time. It sucks.

I've been hoping that it would magically go away, because I don't want to have to postpone the embryo transfer later in the week. The thing about OHSS is that there isn't much we can do about it but it can become life threatening at some point AND pregnancy can make it way way worse. So...

I've been doing a bunch of research and most studies show that pregnancy rates don't vary significantly between using fresh vs. frozen embryos. But I don't want to wait, I want to do it now.

I'm discouraged and depressed - which is compounded by the fact that I feel really bad. Although, I must admit that I haven't been taking any pain killers to help with the discomfort. Chris keeps telling me not to be a hero, but I've just been really really wanting it to get better so I've been in a bit of denial overall. Also, I think I might have a really high pain tolerance - so maybe I am a lot sicker than I am allowing myself to feel. Not sure.