Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm becoming very adept at this injection thing. 2 injections, twice per day.

I showed Chris the whole process and ended up hurting myself a little because I was trying to be all cool and make it seem like it was all easy peasy lemon squeezy - and I went too fast and OUCH OUCH. It hurts, not a whole lot, but it does hurt. I wanted to go OWWWWW but I didn't because I was playing it cool...

He seems a bit horrified by the whole thing but he is being such a good sport, especially when it comes to having to abstain in order to obtain a sample. This is not a man who likes to abstain, at all. In fact, abstaining makes him a bit mean but also really funny. The longer he abstains, the funnier he is. The other morning he came with me to my ultrasound appointment and he was being so freaking funny that I was crying. (It is far better to be sitting in stirrups with a paper sheet over your junk crying from laughter than crying from pain/sorrow). His Death Star analogy about his sperm meeting my egg had the doctor rolling too. Go Chris!

I think I'll keep him.