Thursday, March 10, 2011

IUI is complete.

Apparently, other than my own impressive follicle response, Chris' contribution was also impressive. Lots and lots of motile sperm! Something about wanting to count at least 15 sperm per whatever-whatever and having 50+ in his sample. They let me look at the sample under the microscope after the procedure and it was AWESOME. It was visibly different than the last sample that I looked at - tons and tons of adorable swimmers! That really is my favorite part of the IUI process - getting to see the sperm under the microscope.

The doctor was so kind. He kept saying over and over how nice I am. He also said I was one of the coolest people he had ever met. He seems genuinely invested in seeing me get pregnant.

Again, I was grateful for my kick ass insurance. Instead of the $550+ that they quoted me when I first walked in the door - I walked out with having only had to pay my $30 copay. I've got a lifetime cap of $15,000 to spend on fertility so there is still a ways to go before I hit that ceiling.

I am truly blessed.

Many many sperm and 6 lovely follicles - I feel pretty darn positive this time around. Especially since Justine, who has strong woo-woo, predicted that I would get pregnant in March. Now we just wait and see...