Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our embryo transfer was Sunday.

Chris and I went to West Lake around noon and I got busy drinking lots of water. The good news was that we had a bunch of lovely, good quality blastocycsts that were ready for transfer. We conferred at length with the doctor and decided to go with 4. It was a difficult decision - a scary one. When I finally got on the table, my bladder wasn't full enough so there was some waiting around while I drank more and more water. We finally got started - getting good placement of the speculum, threading the guide catheter into my uterus, and then eventually we did the transfer. Chris was there with me and I cried. Everyone who works in that office is so nice and works so hard - as evidenced by the fact that they were there on a Sunday doing 4 embryo transfers. We saw some of the same couples that had their egg retrievals on Tuesday before/after mine. Afterward Chris and I hung out for a while and said a few words to our respective HPs.

We went and ate lunch from East Side Kings on the porch of the Grackle. It was totally nice to be outside in the afternoon with Chris, sitting in the sun and eating lunch. He is normally asleep at that time so it made it feel like a special celebration.

Now I'm on three days of bed rest. Will be returning to work on Thursday.

Now we wait.

Heard back from the doctor. We had two blastocysts that were able to be frozen, which gives us another shot in the future if this cycle doesn't work or we decided to try for another baby in a year or so.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Heard from the doctor, we are on track for a day 5 transfer on Sunday. This is good news.
Today is Day 3. My 12 little embryos are quietly growing in the lab and I'm holding my breath that they make it to the 5 day mark. I'm afraid of getting a call today telling me to come in for a 3 day transfer. There is a lot of data on the value of a 5 day transfer vs. a 3 day transfer, and I'm hoping for a 5 day Blastocyst transfer this time. Meanwhile, we wait.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Of my 24 eggs - 12 were successfully fertilized. If all goes well - and they grow into blastocyst phase - the transfer will happen on Sunday. If not, we'll do a 3 day transfer on Friday. So far things are looking positive.
The egg retrieval was yesterday. Total yield: 30 eggs. 6 were immature leaving a total of 24 useable eggs! Two dozen. Go me!! The procedure went smoothly and the aftermath has been much easier than last time. I am bloated as hell but the pain has been minimal (so far). I'm back at work today and am trying to dig out from under a huge pile of email.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fifth ultrasound today and my estrogen level is really high (in the 4000s). Feeling fatigued and cranky.

Egg retrieval scheduled for Tuesday morning.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Third ultrasound yesterday. 14 follicles on one side, 18 on the other. The receptionist at the fertility doctor's office called me the Queen of Follicles or the Princess of Eggs or something equally as awesome.

I'm generally feeling bloated and a bit uncomfortable.

Another ultrasound tomorrow morning and we'll probably schedule the egg retrieval for Monday.

TMI warning...

I'm producing vast amounts of lovely fertile cervical mucous. One word: spinnbarkeit.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After my injection last night I started feeling really tired and developed a massive headache. The fatigue and headache have followed me into today. I feel relatively lousy. Could be related to the injections or could be allergies or some other unrelated malady.

Went in for my second ultrasound and blood draw today. I have 27 follicles. I am an EGG MAKING MACHINE!!

Third ultrasound scheduled for Thursday, forth for Saturday.

Moving right along.

Friday, October 28, 2011

And today it begins.

Had my first ultrasound and blood draw this morning. I'll start the injections tomorrow. The medication has arrived and is in the fridge. We are going with a one-a-day injection schedule, instead of twice per day to try and avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) this time around.

The one bummer so far - this time the medications cost more than $2000 (vs. the $900 last time). Turns out that my insurance company has a $5000 lifetime cap on fertility drugs so I had to pay out of pocket this time. That was a bit of a shock. Big time. So based on that, and the $15,000 lifetime cap on the medical (non-prescription side) - this is going to be our last shot in terms of IVF and/or other medical interventions. Yup, lot of pressure.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I went to see the fertility doctor today to talk about our failed IVF - what we had learned and what we might do differently next time (if there is a next time). The bad news - we were only able to harvest 9 eggs out of 20+ follicles. The good news - of the 6 eggs that were mature we had 100% fertilization. And the embryos were good quality. He recommends that we try again. He says he would do almost everything the same but would make some changes in the amount of drugs to try and avoid the OHSS. I need to contact the insurance company and see how much of our bucket has been emptied. Can I go through all that again? Hrmmm....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What next? Ugh. I'll be 41 in 3 months. Our big, one time only, IVF opportunity is blown. Trying to keep my spirits up today. The bright side? I get to take a bath this morning after weeks of showers only.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Negative test.
Still no word from the doctor. I assume that is bad news. I stopped and had blood drawn on my way to work this morning and now it is almost 4:30 PM. I just called the doctor for the 3rd time. They assured me that the doctor would be calling me soon with my results. She wasn't willing to give me a nay/yah over the phone. I'm assuming it is a nay.
I'm setting some small goals for the day. Get blood drawn, drink some water, eat a healthy lunch, take a walk, a couple of minor work things. Either way, today is a new day and I'd like to spend it making good choices. First step: get out of bed (why is this one so hard?)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomorrow is the day. Blood test day. I'm thinking - based on my current lack of any pregnancy symptoms - that it will be negative. Although what should I expect from being less than 2 weeks pregnant? I'm worried about the disappointment & the cost. And what comes next? Is there freedom in having tried everything? Maybe that frees me up to make some different life choices - a job that pays less, more dogs, travel? Should we continue with medical intervention or turn to the woo-woo? Or maybe just stop trying and be ok with that? Adopt? Foster? Move somewhere that doesn't feel like living on the sun? Either way I've got to get off my ass. My current lack of physical activity is embarrassing and probably is impacting my mental health. The dog will be off house arrest in a few weeks and we can walk again (as I promised God we would everyday for her whole life...) so that's a good thing.

Who knows, maybe it'll be a positive test. Maybe.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I woke up last night with that damn headache that I normally get right before I get my period and I noticed that my poor boobs were too sore to sleep on my stomach. So either I'm about to get my period or something else is starting to happen. More waiting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I want to be pregnant. But I'm terrified. Terrified either way - if I am pregnant, if I'm not pregnant. Both are equally as scary. If I'm not - there is the disappointment and the decision to keep trying or not. To continue to pursue a medical solution, or not. If I am pregnant - OMG! So much fear. What if I lose the baby? What if I have multiples and have to do selective reduction, or carry multiples? Complications? Defects? Pain? Weight gain? Ugh! FEAR!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

So now we wait.

The symptoms of the OHSS have pretty much gone away which is a huge relief.

I was on bed rest after the embryo transfer on Thursday. I basically spent the weekend watching TV, reading, knitting, napping with Chris and just basically being quiet and still. I did some minor housework - dishes, laundry, straightened up - but tried to keep it really low key. Chris was a bit skeptical about the bed rest but I told him it really wasn't up for debate. He was super helpful all weekend - he went and got food, made a meal on Saturday night and went and got me a book to read when I finished mine.

We had a minor disagreement at some point in the weekend but were able to work it out. I was feeling residual resentment for him not being at the embryo transfer with me. Mostly it was that so many people asked me where he was, and why wasn't he there - that I got embarrassed and angry that he didn't offer to come with me, even though at the time it had seemed totally reasonable to me. And I was also feeling a bit angry that he had been really distant when I was in a lot of pain after the egg retrieval and during the worst of the OHSS. Basically he felt helpless and didn't have any way to make me feel better so he withdrew - which left me feeling a bit abandoned and alone, and a bit like my not feeling well was a huge inconvenience for him. We agreed to try it differently next time - if there is a time in the future when he feels that way or I feel that way - we'll try and deal with it more quickly before it festers. I think the main issue for him is control - he feels really helpless when I'm in pain and there isn't really anything he can do, so he retreats. Men are so complicated.

Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to demonize Chris in the above paragraph. I was just as complicate in our miscommunications. I wasn't as clear about my needs as I needed to be and I'm sure that the massive hormone levels have a lot to do with how sensitive I feel about EVERYTHING, so it was really just a recipe for yuck.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I probably shouldn't have started to do research on the success rates of Day 3 embryo transfers in women of my age. Instead I am going to go lay down with Chris and take a little nap.

4 little indians.

So yesterday I headed out to West Lake in the early morning and the doctor confirmed that I was suffering from OHSS. He classified it as a moderate case but confirmed that yes, I was probably feeling really really shitty. An ultrasound showed very enlarged ovaries and pockets of fluid in my abdomen. Not fun. We talked at length about the fact that the symptoms would continue to get better, but if I was to get pregnant I could expect that the symptoms might return and might be way worse. He said that with severe OHSS he would recommend freezing all the embryos and doing the transfer after the OHSS was resolved but there is the matter of weighing that with the success rates of frozen embryos vs. fresh embryos. We decided that we would wait and allow my body to continue to recover before the embryo transfer on Saturday.

I drove to work and almost immediately got a call from the doctor. Ok, to back up a little - we had 9 eggs harvested on Monday and 6 were fertilized (using assisted fertilization where they injected a sperm into each egg) and they had been dividing happily in the lab - and he was hoping we could wait until Saturday, when they had reached blastocyst stage, before we did the transfer. But... he & the embryologist had become worried about the progress of the embryos. Some had stopped growing and the others were not growing at a rate that made them feel confident that they would survive until Saturday so he recommended that we do the transfer as soon as possible.

I wrapped up my work stuff and drove back out to West Lake. Of the 6 embryos - 2 had stopped growing at 5 cells and the others ranged in size from 6-9 cells. He recommended that we transfer the 4 that were larger than 5 cells, so we did that...

The transfer itself was pretty hard. I had to drink a huge amount of water so that I would have a full bladder during the procedure but, of course, things took longer than expected so I was sitting around with a huge full bladder. Eventually we moved into a surgery room and did an external ultrasound - causing lots and lots of pressure on my bladder. Then there was a lot of trouble getting my uterus lined up properly with the speculum - problems caused by the full bladder and the enlarged ovaries. Eventually we got the speculum right and a catheter inserted into my cervix and the transfer of the embryos was a quick process. I had to lay still for 10 minutes before I was allowed to get up and pee. PHEW! A pee has never felt so good! I stayed for another 30 minutes or so and then headed home. I'm on bed rest through the weekend.

The doctors and nurses seemed surprised that Chris was not with me for the transfer. If it had been Saturday, he would have been there - but with a surprise mid-week/mid-afternoon transfer it wasn't really feasible and really - why did he need to be there?

So now we wait...
I'll write a more extensive post tomorrow. For now: a diagnosis of moderate OHSS (on the mild/moderate/severe scale) followed by an early afternoon transfer of 4 embryos! Wow! Totally crazy day. And now I can't sleep. :(

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OK, I feel really horrible.

I haven't felt well since the procedure on Monday and I'm not sure if it is normal or mild/moderate OHSS. I've had a lot of bloating and pain in my abdomen. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor - he wanted to see me today but I can't go today so I'm going first thing in the AM. I am very uncomfortable and in a fair amount of pain all the time. It sucks.

I've been hoping that it would magically go away, because I don't want to have to postpone the embryo transfer later in the week. The thing about OHSS is that there isn't much we can do about it but it can become life threatening at some point AND pregnancy can make it way way worse. So...

I've been doing a bunch of research and most studies show that pregnancy rates don't vary significantly between using fresh vs. frozen embryos. But I don't want to wait, I want to do it now.

I'm discouraged and depressed - which is compounded by the fact that I feel really bad. Although, I must admit that I haven't been taking any pain killers to help with the discomfort. Chris keeps telling me not to be a hero, but I've just been really really wanting it to get better so I've been in a bit of denial overall. Also, I think I might have a really high pain tolerance - so maybe I am a lot sicker than I am allowing myself to feel. Not sure.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I just heard back from the doctor.

Of the 9 eggs that were harvested - 6 eggs were mature, and 3 were immature.

Of the 6 that were mature - all 6 were fertilized!!!

This is good news!

Now we need to wait and see if we are going to do a day 3 transfer or a day 6 transfer (either Thursday or Saturday).

The doctor said he was really pleased with the result.
The procedure yesterday was rough.

It was a small surgery setting and I was put under for the procedure. My doctors - a father and son - have just opened this office in West Lake and I was their first surgery in the new facility. Things went smoothly - but they were only able to collect 9 eggs. We were all hoping for more.

The pain, when I woke up, was really intense. A lot worse than I expected and I was in pain for most of the day yesterday and into today. Today I am bloated, in pain and cranky.

Also I thought I would hear back from the doctor's yesterday about egg fertilization - but there was no call, so now I'm feeling really paranoid and worried.

Overall, I don't feel well, and I'm worried.

I'm back at work today but would have preferred to take more time off. Today I started on estrogen patches and a progesterone vaginal inserts. No baths or swimming for the next few weeks. No baths might be the hardest part for me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

6:40 AM. Heading to Westlake for egg retrieval. The last 24 hours have been uncomfortable, sporadic pain in my lower abdominal cavity. I'm dressed in comfortable clothing and brought some socks, as directed. Nervous.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today is the only day during this whole process where I don't have to take any drugs (outside of my normal daily stuff - including a prenatal vitamin and a baby aspirin). No injections today.

Chris did a good job of giving me my big injection last night. It didn't hurt.

I'm not feeling great, but also not incapacitated.

Tomorrow 7:15 AM we'll be in West Lake for egg retrieval!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things are getting interesting around here.

Last night I started feeling really bloated and cranky. Which Chris seems to find hilarious - apparently I'm a riot when I'm cranky. So far he hasn't gotten tired of it, so I'll take that as a blessing.

We made a trek out to West Lake this morning to our doctor's new fertility clinic. I had my final ultrasound and then we went to south Austin for a blood draw.

My ovaries are packed full of giant follicles. Chris said they they looked like pomegranates. The doctor noted that he was surprised that I wasn't in major pain. I'm really not - but I do feel really fatigued (and the above noted bloating and crankiness).

On a side note, I think I should get the prize for WINNING at responding to fertility meds.



Tonight I'll need to get an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) which is given 35 hours before egg retrieval. The timing is really important, from what I can gather. Chris looked a bit gleeful at the idea of getting to stick me in the ass with a giant needle. The doctor even drew little x's on my backside so that he'll know exactly where to shove it.

The trick now is to try and avoid going over into ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

I came home and lay down with Chris and ended up taking a long nap. When I woke, there was a message from the doctor telling me that my estrogen level is at 5419. I think that might be a lot. And he directed me to only take 1/2 the dose of HCG, instead of the planned full dose.

I'm a bit worried to be honest.

The plan from here is to take the HCG shot at 9:00 PM tonight and then report to the clinic in West Lake at 7:15 AM on Monday morning for egg retrieval.

In the meantime I'm going to go get myself a lime slush from Sonic, take it really easy and try to be forgiving of myself if I am feeling cranky or shitty.

Friday, July 22, 2011

more than 20!!!

My 3rd ultrasound/blood draw was yesterday.

I have more than TWENTY eggs that should be big enough to harvest on Monday.

The doctor called me later in the evening, after my blood work came back, and advised that I reduce my meds a little today. No more morning doses and a smaller dose in the evening. We are trying to prevent over-stimulation.

We have one more ultrasound/blood draw tomorrow and then we go in and harvest the eggs on Monday.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ultrasound #2 was today.

I have 16 follicles over 10mm (and a bunch under 10 mm). I'm an egg making MACHINE!!

My belly is all bruised and sad looking from all the injections, but I don't mind.

I'm getting kind of excited.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm becoming very adept at this injection thing. 2 injections, twice per day.

I showed Chris the whole process and ended up hurting myself a little because I was trying to be all cool and make it seem like it was all easy peasy lemon squeezy - and I went too fast and OUCH OUCH. It hurts, not a whole lot, but it does hurt. I wanted to go OWWWWW but I didn't because I was playing it cool...

He seems a bit horrified by the whole thing but he is being such a good sport, especially when it comes to having to abstain in order to obtain a sample. This is not a man who likes to abstain, at all. In fact, abstaining makes him a bit mean but also really funny. The longer he abstains, the funnier he is. The other morning he came with me to my ultrasound appointment and he was being so freaking funny that I was crying. (It is far better to be sitting in stirrups with a paper sheet over your junk crying from laughter than crying from pain/sorrow). His Death Star analogy about his sperm meeting my egg had the doctor rolling too. Go Chris!

I think I'll keep him.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Injections, day 2. So far, not bad at all. No obvious side effects.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What $5688.08 worth of medications looks like in real life.


Injections started at 8:30 AM this morning. It wasn't bad at all. A bit complicated and fiddly but not bad.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chris and I went down south this morning and got the IVF process kicked off.

We had to sign a bunch of legal paperwork in relation to ownership of any frozen embryos. We decided if I died, he gets them (with no pressure to use them, permission to destroy them). If he dies, I get them. If we both die - they are destroyed (in order to avoid any strangeness in passing them along to our family who would probably be hard pressed to figure out what to do with them). And if we split up - I'm keeping them but he is totally off the hook for any financial liability were I to use them to make some babies. All seems pretty reasonable, right?

I went and got blood drawn and had an ultrasound. I have 20 follicles!! Go me!

My estrogen is low enough that I am cleared to start the medications tomorrow.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

What $5688.08 worth of medications looks like from the perspective of my insurance company

Menopur Pwd/inj W/q-cap 1's 75 Iu
Insurance paid: $1626.94
I paid: $35.00

Vivelle Dot Patches 8's 0.1mg/d
Insurance paid: $40.87
I paid: $20.00

Needles, etc.
Insurance paid: $0
I paid: $0.40/$6.80

Pregnyl Mdv/inj 10ml 10,000u
Insurance paid: $0
I paid: $55.34

Endometrin Vag Supp 21's 100mg
Insurance paid: $255.62
I paid: $35.00

Follistim Aq 975iu Cart 1's 900iu
Insurance paid: $2838.62
I paid: $$773.49

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I just got back from my first appointment for the IVF cycle. I have a second appointment on Friday for an ultrasound/blood draw and the medications start on Saturday.

I got back to the office and got a call from the pharmacy - the medications are going to cost $933. HOLY SHIT. But without my insurance, they would cost more then $5000.


That hurts. Now to figure out where to come up with $933.

Monday, June 27, 2011

and off we go again...

I start taking birth control today. I'm waiting for an email from the doctor with lots of information about the IVF process. Fun!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well, it looks like we have to push the IVF back into July/August.

The lab that the doctor uses in San Antonio won't take my insurance, which would require me to come up with $8900 (at least) and there is some question if I would get reimbursed. If I wait until July-August, we can use the new lab in Austin which will take my insurance.

I'm disappointed but a few months won't be a total deal breaker.

I had a horrible reaction to the saline ultrasound on Monday. I was in horrible pain all day and was running a fever. I stayed at work - and was relatively OK unless I moved around. I went home and slept for few hours - woke up feeling miserable, in pain and with a fever. No fun. Hated it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I had my saline ultrasound this morning. It sucked. It still sucks.

Basically they inserted a catheter through my cervix and filled my uterus with saline so that they could see if my uterus was a snug & happy place (it is!) or contained polyps or other bad things (it did not!). The doctor had a hell of a time getting the catheter in which involved multiple speculums and multiple attempts. Once he got the catheter in place - which was unexpectedly painful, the saline injection was super painful/crampy/yucky. It was over quickly but it was an unhappy procedure - of all the procedures that we've done so far in this fertility journey, this was the worst.

I'm at work now, and am leaky (blood & saline) and crampy. Lame. I thought about going home and sitting on the couch but I want to save any sick time/work from home time until later in this process. I figured that if I could walk/talk/work - I might as well go into the office.

I spoke at length to the doctor about the IVF process - once we get into June we'll be looking at lots of ultrasounds, blood draws, many hormone injections, egg retrieval, embryo implantation, hormone replacements and hopefully pregnancy... June is going to be challenging, and freaking expensive. He told me that the lab (which is in San Antonio, UGH) won't take my insurance so I'll have to pay up front and then try and get reimbursed from my insurance company. He is going to have his financial people call me to let me know how much money I'll need to have up front, etc.

On my way to work after the appointment I started thinking about how much cash I can get in hand to complete this process. Ugh. I hate the idea of totally cleaning out my saving or, god forbid, have to take a loan or something, but I'll do whatever I have to do. It'll be extra shitty if I totally clean out all my savings and then don't get knocked up. I guess this is why a lot of people have a tough time dealing with fertility issues - it is totally stressful.

I'm hoping that I don't feel this shitty all day. OUCH!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here we go.

I visited my fertility doctor this morning and we kicked off the IVF process.

The rest of May will be spent taking birth control pills and most of the fun stuff will happen in June.

I had 6 vials of blood drawn. I go back on Monday morning for a saline ultrasound, and to go over my blood test results, and then I'm off the hook until June when we begin all the crazy hormone shots, a zillion ultrasounds and blood draws, and then surgery to extract the eggs.

I'm excited and scared and hopeful, but not TOO hopeful.

About to take my first birth control pill. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, I got my period today. Accompanied by the worst cramps that I can remember having in the last few years. Yucky!

The fertility doctor is putting together a calendar for me to start the IVF process this month. Exciting!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Got my period today. No dice.

When Chris and I get back from the UK, we are going to move forward with IVF. Stay tuned for more details!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

I took a negative pregnancy test this morning.

We'll know for sure if I get my period in the next few days.

My obsession with pregnancy was momentarily eclipsed when Olive - my beloved pit bull - was lost on Friday night during SXSW. She was eventually found on Tuesday night but it was a scary couple of days. So much crying. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't stop crying.

What was amazing was the amount of support and love from my friends and the Austin community as a whole.

So glad to have Olive home again.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing new to report. Yet. Just waiting. And hoping.

There is A LOT of fear surrounding this whole process/decision.

Need to remind myself that most of the things that I fear are totally out of my control.

Meanwhile, SXSW has rolled into town.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

IUI is complete.

Apparently, other than my own impressive follicle response, Chris' contribution was also impressive. Lots and lots of motile sperm! Something about wanting to count at least 15 sperm per whatever-whatever and having 50+ in his sample. They let me look at the sample under the microscope after the procedure and it was AWESOME. It was visibly different than the last sample that I looked at - tons and tons of adorable swimmers! That really is my favorite part of the IUI process - getting to see the sperm under the microscope.

The doctor was so kind. He kept saying over and over how nice I am. He also said I was one of the coolest people he had ever met. He seems genuinely invested in seeing me get pregnant.

Again, I was grateful for my kick ass insurance. Instead of the $550+ that they quoted me when I first walked in the door - I walked out with having only had to pay my $30 copay. I've got a lifetime cap of $15,000 to spend on fertility so there is still a ways to go before I hit that ceiling.

I am truly blessed.

Many many sperm and 6 lovely follicles - I feel pretty darn positive this time around. Especially since Justine, who has strong woo-woo, predicted that I would get pregnant in March. Now we just wait and see...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TMI ahead!


My appointment today yielded a wealth of interesting developments. On top of a urinary tract infection and some type of Bacterial Vaginosis... I also have SIX FOLLICLES! Six!! 4 on the left (which explains the pain I've been having) and 2 on the right. Go me!!

The doctor was astounded. He told me that he was totally amazed by my reaction to the Femara and that if I have ever had a great chance of getting pregnant in my life - it was this month.

I have an appointment for IUI in the morning.

We also had an extensive and serious conversation about selective termination were I to end up with more than twins. It was an interesting conversation and gave me a lot of food for thought. He said that some couples won't even consider any type of selective termination but that he counseled against carrying more than 2 babies. He also said that it was unlikely considering that I've had 2-4 eggs in the past and haven't gotten pregnant but he wanted to talk about it none the less.

Tomorrow IUI! Plus getting started on two different medications to clear up the other issues. Sigh.

Honestly, I'm thrilled and excited.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another month, another chance.

Here we go again.

Ultrasound tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

I haven't been feeling well this time around. Possible Femara side effects, the worst being stabbing pain in my left ovary, fatigue and digestive problems. No fun.

Hard not to get totally excited....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, I got my period on Saturday. So today I'll start a new course of Femara with an ultrasound on the morning of March 9th, and probably IUI on the morning of March 10th. Fun!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why are negative pregnancy tests SO freaking negative.? It is so definitive, so darn clear. I hope that if I ever have a positive test it'll be just as clear.

I'll test again in a couple days, but for the time being... :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm in that strange period where implantation might have taken place but it is too early to expect a valid pregnancy test. I'm sensitive to every little twinge/pain and hope it is a symptom of early pregnancy. Over the weekend I had an upset stomach and a little nausea, there has also been a moment or two of slight cramping but nothing prolonged or interesting. Basically, I don't feel pregnant. Trying not to get too discouraged.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Put a baby in me! Put a baby in me!

I went off the pill in November of 2009.

Did two rounds of Clomid (June 2010 & July 2010) and then Femara (November 2010 & December 2010) and Femara & IUI (February 2011). I should know next week if the IUI was successful. In the meantime, we wait.